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Cannes Film Festival

Our shooting propositions:

La Croisette - "A Star Have to Be"

Emblematic place in Cannes, A photo shoot in front of Festival Palace allows you to show you, your creation to the large public.                                                                       With all media present in this place - just make a SHOW!

1h shoot, sessions:11AM-12AM or 1:30PM-2:30PM

shooting Festival de Cannes
La Croisette during a Festival
Fashion designer and Bollywood actor
Media on the Festival Palace

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Shooting price start at 440€ VAT excl.

Do you know that a persons with a private photographer attract attention of media and have more opportunity to take a contact with the beautiful people?

ReSTART Your Life

This shoot will give a look of lightness and the spirit of summer. Made at the begining of the day to enjoy the soft light of the sunrise. Take your time and a pleasure on the French Riviera

2h shoot, 10 min walking to a Festival Palace, everyday from 8AM to 10AM.

Shooting price 560€ VAT excl.

French Riviera beach shooting
Nederland model beach shoot
Public person Marie Patus Cannes beach shoot
Fashion designer Cannes shoot
Cannes in my heart

Stunny Evening

An energetic lifestyle that will show you in natural conditions, hire a photographer's service for a special evening.

Choose a best photos yourself and be free of your mobile. Take a big breath after Lockdown and enjoy your life without stress

3h shoot,  Cannes surroundings, the working hours to define.

Shooting price 750€ VAT excl.

Beautyful people during a private party
Tiffany Mc Call with a guests during a private show
Cannes short film festival atmosphere

Need a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser or designer outfit for your evening party. We work with a professional staff

Agnès Wuyam fashion designer and stylist

Eve Balbis make-up artist

Joris Garnier haidresser

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