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If you're here that means you enjoyed the fabulous event  in Paris, in Five Star Ritz Place Vendôme
Let's throwback to this moment again.

Personnal message to Alina :) Thank you for invitation !

On this website we give you a free photos from the catwalk the you can publish on your social media.
You can crop them use the filter or do another light modifications.

If you find our activity useful just visit our website from the menu above or like our photos on IG profile

As you see the professional photos not resised do for your brand are completely free that’s why we kindly ask you to credit on each  publication the persons that make those photos possible

@event_organization_company @by_koperski @haidresser @makeup @beautypeople  @models  @complementarybrands

if you know !

We don't put the watermark on the photos but don't forget that each of the photographer have almost this same photos from events like a runway.
If you like some of the photos to much and you try to put them on magazines don’t hesitate to write me on IG direct message @by_koperski we can do a High-End Retouch

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